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Are you looking for something to differentiate yourself from your peers in this tighter job market? BEA WebLogic Server Certification may be for you. It provides employers, or potential employers, with additional evidence that you're qualified for developing solutions on the BEA WebLogic Server platform. Are you looking to advance in your professional career, or get a raise? BEA WebLogic Server Certification may be the thing for you! Many employers offer salary increases or bonuses is for attaining technical certifications. One such certification program is jCert, created by BEA Systems, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, and Sybase. The BEA Certified Developer Test qualifies as a jCert Initiative test. More information on this can be found at www.jcert.org. There are many reasons to become a BEA Certified Developer, but the best is to prove to yoursel... (more)

JNDI and Web Applications on the WLS 6.0 Certification Test

Last month, I talked about signing up to take the BEA WebLogic Server 6.0 Certification test. At that time, I promised I would go into more detail about what you should study, and that's what I'm including for your use. This article covers two specific topics on the test: the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) and Web applications. But before we start, there's one thing I forgot to mention last month: another benefit of the study material is that there is a strong overlap of these topics with the Sun Web Component Developer for J2EE test. So, by studying for this test, yo... (more)

A Final Review

WebLogic Server administration is the last area you need to study to pass the WebLogic Server 6.0 certification test. In this article, I'll cover some topics you may find on the test, such as deployment, security, and using the server console. Deployment WebLogic Server supports auto deployment, configured deployment, and hot deployment. Hot deployment enables an EJB application to be redeployed, modified, or undeployed on an active domain. WebLogic Server performs these actions without requiring the server to be reset. Hot deployment is performed using the weblogic.deploy utili... (more)


This month, we'll study for the EJB portion of the BEA WebLogic Server 6.0 Certification Test. Now, I know I was also supposed to talk about JDBC this month, but I just didn't have enough room to squeeze it in. EJB is by far the most widely covered topic on the test, and I didn't want to take any attention away from it. I'll be sure to cover JDBC next month. Let me say it again: EJB is the biggest topic of the test. With that said, it should be the topic that you know best. I'll try to summarize the portions of EJB that you should be familiar with. We'll start with the general in... (more)

Making the Grade

We're nearly done covering the topics for the test. This month I'll discuss JDBC, transactions, and clustering. Be sure to give careful attention to these topics, as they can slip by during studying. As in my previous articles, I've included a sample test to help you study for the real test. Let's get started with JDBC. JDBC Now, I'm sure most BEA WebLogic Developer's Journal readers have a good amount of JDBC experience, so I'll only touch on the WLS-specific aspects of JDBC you'll need to know to pass the test. First, a word about transaction isolation levels. The isolation lev... (more)